I received a short message at my mobile phone one day that asked for appointment at my gallery in Ubud Bali. 

I knew right away from the way she texted that she is a friendly person. To met Jo is like meeting with an old friend. We can talk for hours about anything. This philippine women always looks stunning everytime I meet her. She has a great taste in every aspect of her life and enjoying to the fullest with her soulmate, Paul.  


I found myself easily and happily to make a perfect a wedding gown for this simple - down to earth lady.

She looks awesome with the wedding gown which made of stretch silk sateen underneath bold vintage lace wraping her petite body combine with a long and dense veil.


They held the wedding in their own beautiful land in Gianyar Bali with astonishing bamboo house, wooden house that equipped by eco friendly design.


She is not just one of my favorite client but also become a friend that I treasure.